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Ruta 40

Route 40 runs along side the Andes from la Puna until reaching the Glaciers of the South. It is mythical for many reasons. For the solitary stretches it crosses. For the peaks of the Andes that
guard the route like centennials. And also because its plan corresponds with the ancient travel routes of the first inhabitants of South America. These wise ancestors were knowledgeable
about all of the different microclimates where a traveler could find fresh water supplies, the resource which enabled the development of the cities and towns of today.
Travelling the legendary Route 40 is to discover the “Other Patagonia” , with its long rubble roads crossing the steppe, visiting Caves with 10.000 year old paintings of human hands and
animals, in the beautiful Canyon of the Pinturas River.
Argentina’s most virginal national park. Explore the trekking capital at El Chaltén (Fitz Roy Mount). Vibrate with one of the world’s marvels: Perito Moreno Glacier, declared World’s Heritage.
Discover the inhospitable, rough, magical and enigmatic Patagonia. Only those who see the blue lakes and green woods, discover the charm and splendour of Route 40, understand step by step,
that solitude and distance are the very same essence of the trip…
“…I came to the conclusion that such beauty had been reserved for remote places and that nature has good reasons for demanding special sacrifices from those who dare to contemplate it…”
Richard E.Byrd, ALone. Queen Anne Press/Macdonald, London, 1938 

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